Tron S40 Anti-Fog + Anti-Scratch Clear Hockey Helmet Visor

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The Tron S40 is a smaller cut than the S30 visor. It is recommended for officials who prefer a smaller visor. This is a great value for this level of protection.
  • Visor is 2.75 inches tall at the middle
  • Aviator design
  • Extraordinary optical clarity
  • Provides distortion-free optics through the entire range of vision
  • Provides a nearly impenetrable barrier for your eyes against on-coming objects
  • A specially formulated coating that provides anti-fog and scratch resistant properties to the polycarbonate visor, which ensures unsurpassed clarity and durability in any temperature condition
  • CE certified
  • All hardware included
  • Anti-fog / Anti-scratch
  • Make The Right Call!
  • Compatible with most certified hockey helmets