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Eric Arrigo Reffing

Founder: Eric Arrigo

HockeyRefShop.com was founded by Eric Arrigo in early 2017 to change the way that hockey officials look at equipment.  He has been an official in the central district of USA Hockey since 2010 and also plays hockey at the junior level. Eric started reffing at 12 years old to pick up extra ice time and improve his skating skills. It was clear from the start that he found another passion within the game of hockey.

He noticed that officiating equipment has stayed the same for decades while player equipment is improved upon every single season. Why should refs be ignored?

Not anymore.

At HockeyRefShop.com we understand the importance of innovation and it is our goal to make your job as easy as possible!


We are now a team of pioneering grassroots hockey officials with decades of experience in the game who are on a mission to change the landscape of ref gear. We are all passionate about officiating and the sport of hockey as a whole as it truly is the greatest game on earth. After opening, our first plan of action was to release the first ever reversible jersey for referees and linesmen. Why buy two when you can save time, space and money? Stay on the lookout because more innovative products are coming soon!

Our exclusive HockeyRefShop.com sweaters come with pre-installed Velcro because it makes your life easier. No more needles and bloody fingers stitching Velcro on your sweater or crest!  All officials know the importance of honesty, integrity and communication and these are values that drive us at HockeyRefShop.com. We are always open to feedback and if you have any questions regarding products or an officiating question feel free to contact us using the form below.

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