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Hockey Referee Back To Season Package (3-Piece) Whistle, Velcro and Shin Tights

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Added to our Black Friday Super Sale by popular demand! Now only $29.99 through Monday. While supplies last so don't miss out! Make The Right Call


This package was hand picked by the Hockey Ref Shop staff to keep you feeling fresh for the new season. Everything you need to start off the 2017-2018 season on the right foot. Ditch the old dirty whistle and stretched out shin tights. Save yourself from the hassle of sewing Velcro onto your new crest.


1. A brand new ACME Thunderer Referee Whistle ($15.99 Value)

2. Shin Tights ($24.99 Value)

3. Easy Stick Crest Velcro ($7.99 Value)

Make The Right Call!

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