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EZ-Stick Hockey Referee Crest Velcro

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The product we have all been waiting for!

No more needles, expensive tailors or waiting when you get your new crest each season or get hired into a new league!!! Just cut it and stick it.

Coming in at 6"x5" pieces. This is sure to fit any crest known to man(or ref!) USA Hockey, ACHA, NAHL, NA3HL, WSHL.... the list goes on and on. Featuring industrial strength adhesive this Velcro is going to stick to whatever patch you need it to.

To install simply outline your crest, cut it out, remove the backing and stick it. Make sure to cut over a garbage can because it can get messy. For best results heat the adhesive and crest back with a blow dryer before sticking them together. Once they are together apply hard pressure throughout the patch to ensure a strong hold.

Note that this is "hook" Velcro aka the prickly type. It is 100% compatible with the pre-installed "loop" Velcro on our pro linesman and reversible sweater. You can also use this with your own sweater of another brand if you have installed "Loop" velcro already sewn onto it.

Note: This includes 1 piece of Velcro intended to be installed on your crest.



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Awesome product! No need to sew velcro onto your patches anymore. Just cut this one to the size of your patch and stick it on!!!