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Bladetech Hockey Super High Performance Flexible Aftermarket Steel Blades

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Introducing the Bladetech Burner super high performance flexible skate blade. The runner is designed with patented flex-force technology that offers a scientifically proven mechanical advantage to you as a skater. Top NHL players and officials have been skating on them for the past couple years. Not only do the blades help you start, skate, stop and turn faster. They also help to prevent injury by reducing impact on the knee cartilage and will maintain a sharpening up to twice as long as a standard retail runner. 

Free custom engraving is also available, please send an email to within 10 minutes after ordering with the design you are looking for.

This unique blade design introduces the creation of a "flex point", allowing each blade to flex, store your energy, and release it, launching you forward faster.

The flexible blade has been scientifically proven to increase speed, agility, and handing. It has also been proven to significantly increase max force, which is the power in each stride, allowing you to reach higher accelerations. 

Not only do the flexible blades increase the power in your strides, but they also reduce the amount of impact on your knees. The flex-force technology in Bladetech blades absorbs the impact energy and limits the amount of stress placed on the knee joint.

This is the only product in its class on the market. These are made with the highest quality steel available and they offer a proven mechanical advantage. You will be 100% satisfied with these blades and they also come with a 365 guaranteed manufacturers warranty.


Made with US steel and manufactured in Canada.


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