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Howies Pro Style Hockey Referee Skate Socks

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The idea behind the Pro Style Sock was to create a product that exceeds the requirements of pro players, and that's exactly what Howies did. Using only the highest quality materials, the Howies high calf sock has a built-in lace bite prevention pad along with moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry all game long. With breathability and compression throughout the sock's composition, Howies Pro Style Sock will have you feeling just like the pros.


  • Lace Bite Guard - Reinforced low ankle padding to help prevent lace bite
  • Moisture-Wicking - Engineered with high performance fibers to wick moisture and keep your feet dry all game long
  • Y-Seam Toe - For a form fitting sock that prevents bunching at the toe
  • Durable - Double padded heel and toe to increase comfort and longevity